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Scope of Activity

Whether by plane, train or car: our On-Board Couriers are ready to work for you day and night and ensure immediate delivery.

Within a very short time, we create personal transport plans to offer you express, same-day and overnight delivery. Our express couriers are certainly on the road for you worldwide in all areas, regardless of whether Germany, England, USA or more remote areas.

We are also happy to take over domestic German shipments, e.g. Cologne – Hamburg or Munich – Berlin. Whether by train, car or passenger plane, we always choose the fastest and safest transport option.

Find out which customized solutions we offer for your industry. Of course, we are also happy to accept orders from clients in areas not listed here.

In any case, you benefit from our Flux OBC advantages:

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Medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology

Shall a medicine or medical equipment be sent urgently? Through constant personal accompaniment of the shipment and many years of experience, we ensure safe and timely shipping. We also transport refrigerated products.

We transport for you, in particular:

We know the importance of speed in the healthcare system and the major impact that even the smallest delays can have on a patient’s health or the efficiency of a clinic.

Especially in the case of radiological devices, including computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a missing spare part can delay diagnosis and billable performance and be extremely damaging to reputation. Also, in order for the high acquisition costs to be amortized, it is essential that these devices be used to the maximum extent for the benefit of all parties involved.

Therefore, we work with you to create a lightning-fast transport route and to transport your medical shipment safely from start to finish.

Machine parts

Standstill and every minute cost money or reputation? Express delivery via On-Board Courier helps you to deliver spare parts to the production site as quickly as possible and to return to normal operation.

If a repair of an existing machine part is unavoidable, we are happy to transport it in both directions: to the repair site and back to the place of use.

In addition, if required, we provide a technician or engineer who will help you with the installation and assembly of spare parts on site and on demand.


If contracts, power of attorney or official documents shall be delivered quickly, our air couriers support you and deliver the papers to you immediately. So you avoid legal or administrative problems and present yourself to your business partners as always reliable. Our discretion is always assured.

Valuable goods

Has your shipment a particularly high value? Are these products prototypes, jewelry, or gold? We help you with a fast, safe and discrete delivery and accompany your package personally (e.g. as Carry On) through the whole process.

We also offer you direct tracking contact with the supplier and a continuous update on the status of your shipment. We can offer you a high level of liability at particularly attractive conditions through our insurance partners. So you can give yourself calmly into the hands of our On-Board Couriers.

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