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Optimal connections for a fast delivery

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An emergency courier depends on the excellent accessibility and cooperation network. That's why we are always available. You can reach us 24 hours 7 days a week. Our response time is well below 10 minutes.

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Integrated solution package

Your order will be processed immediately by us as an On-Board Courier. You don't have to worry about customs duties and bureaucratic processing. Your important goods are on the fastest way to their destination.

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Time is money. Late delivery can damage your company economically. No matter where the goods have to go: we deliver at lightning speed and within 24 hours the goods are at their destination.

Global cooperation network

In order to be able to deliver to any place in the world in a short time, a worldwide cooperation network is necessary. Use our network to have your goods delivered at lightning speed.
Whether Germany, New Zealand, USA, Australia, China, Japan or South Africa: No matter where your goods shall be delivered to, we will deliver your shipment as quickly as possible.

Fast in an emergency

It doesn't matter which country the goods have to be delivered to. Emergencies sometimes require creative solutions. As an Emergency Courier, we know that every minute counts in an emergency.

Our services

Quick Pick-Up

Every minute counts not only for delivery, but also for pick-up. A fast emergency delivery is only possible if the pick-up of the goods takes place quickly. They tell us where the goods are and we pick them up as quickly as possible.
We know how important the time is for you and that is why we offer you an uncomplicated and fast service at the point of pick-up. Save important time with the Flux emergency courier thanks to our many years of experience in logistics and our great flexibility.

Customs service

We usually take care of customs clearance ourselves, as this is the fastest way. Otherwise, customs may greatly delay the delivery of the goods. This must be avoided, especially if it is an emergency.
For you, this means that you can transfer the complete processing to us and thereby save more important time.

Worldwide Delivery

There is no place in the world that we cannot supply quickly. No matter whether Iraq, Afghanistan, U.S.A. or Nigeria; Your goods must reach their destination! We make sure that this happens.
The Flux Emergency Courier reaches every destination worldwide within a very short time. For this purpose, we have various logistics solutions and select the optimal one for your very special request. Whether by car, truck or plane – we ensure that your delivery reaches the desired destination in a timely and safe manner.


You can track the shipment in order to plan better. You even get direct contact with the On- Board Courier, who can tell you exactly about the situation.
So you are aware of current achievement with the current sending status and can always monitor your delivery.

On-Board-Courier Service (OBC)

To ensure that your goods arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, our On-Board Courier (OBC) will travels with your goods in hand luggage.
On-Board Couriers, also called air couriers, represent an important area in emergency logistics. They accompany your shipments continuously. In this way, personal monitoring and safe transport throughout the entire period are guaranteed. The shipment is carried in a passenger plane by the On-Board Courier, which means that delivery is much faster than with a normal freight transport.

Transportation of valuables

We take over the delivery of your confidential valuables in a specially secured transport of the On-Board Courier (OBC). When transporting valuables, your valuables are safely picked up by you and reach the destination quickly and easily.

You can save time and money

The conventional delivery route cannot meet your requirements. Your goods must reach their destination at lightning speed. If this is not done promptly, your reputation may suffer or it may have enormous economic consequences.

Keep your high standards and we, as an On-Board Courier (OBC), ensure that the goods are delivered very quickly.

Need spare parts quickly?

Production, customers or the authorities cannot wait so long? You suffer from delays not only economically, but also with your reputation.
Your reputation is your most important currency. Punctuality builds trust.

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Areas of application for an emergency and On-Board Courier service (OBC)

The areas of application of the On-Board Courier are very diverse and can be from all possible areas. They include, for example, industries such as medicine, fashion or manufacturing industry, but also the shipping of documents. Important spare parts or materials can be missing in the automotive industry and these can be delivered to your destination by air courier. But Emergency On-Board Couriers (OBC) are also often used in aviation to avoid financial burdens due to, for example, defective aircraft. Speed is of the highest priority here in order to keep the high failure costs as low as possible and to be able to continue operating quickly.

Another classic area of application of an emergency courier is the sending of documents. Important documents such as confidential documents, contracts as well as travel documents etc. are sent by On-Board Courier (OBC).

Medicine is a very important area. It is of the utmost importance here to quickly and safely bring preserved blood or donor organs to their destination and thus save lives.

The fashion industry also uses air couriers, as in many cases, the expensive haute couture pieces are only finished hours before the show and have to arrive on the catwalk in time.

In general it may be said that there is nothing that cannot be sent by Emergency On-Board Courier service.

Flux - Emergency On-Board (OBC) Courier can work under time pressure!

Flux Emergency Courier has been offering a first-class logistics service for over 20 years. We are therefore used to working under time pressure and no challenge is too big for us. As an Emergency Courier, we are also aware of how important it is for you as a customer that your delivery arrives at the destination in time. That is why we always find a tailor-made solution for our customers.

Flux Emergency Courier helps you to deliver your goods of any kind quickly and on time worldwide. No matter in which industry - manufacturing, medicine or marketing and events area - we as OBC On-Board Couriers take care of the complete logistical processing of your shipment competently and carefully and look for the fastest shipping route for you.

We work with professional and fast-acting On-Board Courier employees around the world, so that we have already developed a transport route for you in just a few minutes and from this moment we take over the complete logistics, from pick-up to transport and customs.

You can trust us as an On-Board Courier (OBC), and be sure that your goods are in good hands. In addition, you can track your shipment and check the current location. This way you can always make sure that everything is running correctly. From the moment of the takeover to the successful handover, you always can monitor your valuables and also contact our courier directly by phone.

You can reach Flux Emergency Courier 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You will already receive feedback from us in less than ten minutes. We offer you quick and cost-efficient solutions and build on our broad network of couriers worldwide. Your valuable goods are delivered to their destination in all possible ways. You can rely 100% on us. We are represented on all continents; wherever your goods have to be delivered to, you will also find us.

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